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Mail order packs-Hornby gold-plated MN set

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Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Hornby, who very kindly replied with regards to this year's Mail Order train packs- there are going to be four:

R2597= The Bristolian, containing 7037 "Swindon" and three chocolate and cream Mk. 1 coaches

R2598= The Derby Royal train, containing rebuilt BoB 34088 "213 Sqn." and three new type Pullmans

R2599= The Night Scotsman- A3 60048 "Doncaster" and three blood and custard ex-LNER sleepers.

The above will be L/E of 1500.

Hornby are also going to release R2700- a special set harking back to the days of Triang TT, when Triang sold 300 gold plated MNs to Kays. The new set will consist of a Rebuilt MN in Gold, with a gold-plated Pullman for it to haul. Only 300 sets will ever be made, so be quick- order as soon as they appear in the Autumn retail catalogues.

The "normal" packs will retail at £125, the gold set at £175.

I can see this one going up in value massively!
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I am liking the gold MN pack here certainly. It would be more of a colectors item as i don't see how people could run it on their layout (Might stand out ... a bit)

Not sure on the other packs as i don't really model in that era. For steam fans though there is a nice mix there that would keep everyone happy.

Here ... Class 50 D400 and 3 mk2 NSE coaches (Pristine) would do me fine.
I'd like to see more packs that have some of the new diesels Hornby have done. There has been lots of packs containing new steam engines but what about us modern image fans? We are still getting the older locos in packs that are in dire need of being improved.

For suggestions what about a pack containing a class 60 and 3 TEA tankers or a Class 31 and 3 seacows or as i allready suggested a 50 and 3 Mk2 coaches.

Or if Hornby wanted to what about upgrading the 466 and turning it into a 465 train pack? Would fill a gap on many peoples layouts and i would certainly get one.
QUOTE (cig1705 @ 3 Apr 2006, 21:12)May I offer a soution? How about one of each:

"Derby Royal- 1963"= 34088 (213 Sqn. ) + three Pullmans for B.R. steam.
"Royal Scot- 1930s"= Duchess of Athol + three Stanier coaches in Crimson Lake for pre-1948
Wessex trains" with Pink Cl. 31 plus 3 Wessex Mk. 2s for modern image.

That O.K.?


The ideas above are certainly ones for Hornby to consider in the future as i'm sure they will be at least one pack there that people given the choice would buy at least 1 of them. I think your suggestion for a Black 5 and Green mk2's should be added as well as looking at steam dreams railtour list this year most of them are with a Black 5 so this could be a popular seller.

It would be nice to see the 'Pink Train' in OO as i think with Hornby;s current standards it would look stunning. Afterall they are doing 31452 this year so all we need is the 5 mk2's (3 standards and 2 brakes) plus the other 31 and we have a complete train then - 3 coaches in the train pack and 2 sold seperatly incase people don't want the 31.
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