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Mail order packs-Hornby gold-plated MN set

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Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Hornby, who very kindly replied with regards to this year's Mail Order train packs- there are going to be four:

R2597= The Bristolian, containing 7037 "Swindon" and three chocolate and cream Mk. 1 coaches

R2598= The Derby Royal train, containing rebuilt BoB 34088 "213 Sqn." and three new type Pullmans

R2599= The Night Scotsman- A3 60048 "Doncaster" and three blood and custard ex-LNER sleepers.

The above will be L/E of 1500.

Hornby are also going to release R2700- a special set harking back to the days of Triang TT, when Triang sold 300 gold plated MNs to Kays. The new set will consist of a Rebuilt MN in Gold, with a gold-plated Pullman for it to haul. Only 300 sets will ever be made, so be quick- order as soon as they appear in the Autumn retail catalogues.

The "normal" packs will retail at £125, the gold set at £175.

I can see this one going up in value massively!
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How about some more 'one offs'. I picked up a black Princess yeterday,love Sunday shopping nobody about, and I didn't realise that it was a special 50th Annivesary model. I would like to see some more in a similar vein. It would be nice too if the train packs advertised in the 2006 catalogue come with the new run coaches especially the Mk1's. When I got my Pines Express pack, my first venture back into BR modelling, I compared the mk1's in the train pack to my surviving mk1 from 1966. I thought there may have been a few changes but no apart from the coupler mounted on the truck and finer flanges they were almost twins. So I'm hoping that the new mk1's are a vast improvement over the old ones. Another thing I'd like to see is unnumbered but decorated freight cars and passenger cars. When I modelled US trains you could buy from Athearn, Bachmann, Atlas, Walthers etc unnumbered rolling stock including locos. All you had to do was buy a decal sheet and add the number this way you could add some variance to your rolling stock list and not have the same numbered cars as your mates.

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Yep I have a few of the Bachmann ones but they are in short supply down here or at least I can't find enough of them. I've been after a few SR Bullied cars to make an S&D train set but no luck as yet. Perhaps next month when I get down to the big smoke where all the mexicans are I might find a couple.


QUOTE (Ben Manicom @ 4 Apr 2006, 04:01)The best suggestion I can give for your Mk1 Problem would be to buy some bachmann ones these are far superiour I have a rake of blue grey Mk1s on my railway and they are excellent much better than the Hornby ones although they sometimes are limited availibility.
I've now built a few of the Dapol/ Airfix/ Kitmaster kits. They are as cheap as chips and easy to knock up. A couple of the tank wagons came with metal wheel sets. I enquired about the Cooper Craft /? LNER articulated sets but was warned off as difficult to build and get straight. Who are Wakefield?


QUOTE (spongebob @ 4 Apr 2006, 05:24)Being airfix based do they come with exploded diagrams or is it a case of work it out yourself? I do like the parkside ones as they come with Romford wheels but as I say pictures seem to be beyond them. I fancy doing one of the LNER articulated sets as Wakefield models have some kits of them.
I wouldn't worry spongey at least it's started an animated discussion. You should try the yank boards and see the flames you get if you wander off track.


QUOTE (spongebob @ 4 Apr 2006, 08:43)Sorry to have gone off the track of what if i remember rightly started out as an April fools gag then went off track and became a wish list for every conceivable train pack under the sun. Sorry again for derailing an already derailed thread.
Why would you mail order your train packs? Why wouldn't just go down to your local hobby shop and buy one. Is the UK turning out like the US where internet shopping is killing off the hobby shops in droves. I guess we'er lucky in Oz as the hobby shop is still a fun place visit even if it is a 500klm drive to get there.

Ozzie 21

QUOTE (cig1705 @ 4 Apr 2006, 06:22)Please can we get this thread back on track? Interesting though it may be, discussing Dapol and Parkside kits isn't exactly relevant to mail-order train packs, is it?

Sorry if that sounds harsh or anything, but ee by gum! OT Threads get on my nerves!

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