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Mail order packs-Hornby gold-plated MN set

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Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Hornby, who very kindly replied with regards to this year's Mail Order train packs- there are going to be four:

R2597= The Bristolian, containing 7037 "Swindon" and three chocolate and cream Mk. 1 coaches

R2598= The Derby Royal train, containing rebuilt BoB 34088 "213 Sqn." and three new type Pullmans

R2599= The Night Scotsman- A3 60048 "Doncaster" and three blood and custard ex-LNER sleepers.

The above will be L/E of 1500.

Hornby are also going to release R2700- a special set harking back to the days of Triang TT, when Triang sold 300 gold plated MNs to Kays. The new set will consist of a Rebuilt MN in Gold, with a gold-plated Pullman for it to haul. Only 300 sets will ever be made, so be quick- order as soon as they appear in the Autumn retail catalogues.

The "normal" packs will retail at £125, the gold set at £175.

I can see this one going up in value massively!
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I would personally welcome a Class 60 train pack with some stock. As previously mentioned about a Class 60 with 3 TEA Tankers. How about have this pack in a combination like Class 60 in Petroleum Sub-Sector Grey with 3 Green BP Tankers with the rear Tanker have a flashing tail lamp on the back ? Now here is another combination for the Class 60. How about we have a Class 60 which could be 60008 in its new EWS livery with 3 Intermodal Container Wagons. I have a small love for the Class 60 because I did grow up with them along with the Class 47, 56 and the Class 58's too. But moving away from locos. Now that the lima tooling is owned by Hornby - I think its about time they should introduce a HST pack in Intercity Swallow Livery using these powercars but how about adding head and tail lights to the ex-lima Class 43 powercars with a new driver cab interoir. Because not only would this boost the look and upgrade the long overdue revamp to the original Hornby HST125 - but it will probably be the best Hornby HST125 that could possibly ever be produced and it would knock the original Lima HST125's for six and back then - they were the best looking HST powercars at that time!
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