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Mail order packs-Hornby gold-plated MN set

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Yesterday, I got an e-mail from Hornby, who very kindly replied with regards to this year's Mail Order train packs- there are going to be four:

R2597= The Bristolian, containing 7037 "Swindon" and three chocolate and cream Mk. 1 coaches

R2598= The Derby Royal train, containing rebuilt BoB 34088 "213 Sqn." and three new type Pullmans

R2599= The Night Scotsman- A3 60048 "Doncaster" and three blood and custard ex-LNER sleepers.

The above will be L/E of 1500.

Hornby are also going to release R2700- a special set harking back to the days of Triang TT, when Triang sold 300 gold plated MNs to Kays. The new set will consist of a Rebuilt MN in Gold, with a gold-plated Pullman for it to haul. Only 300 sets will ever be made, so be quick- order as soon as they appear in the Autumn retail catalogues.

The "normal" packs will retail at £125, the gold set at £175.

I can see this one going up in value massively!
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QUOTE (DriverSam @ 22 Nov 2006, 15:45) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Agree with comments on the Hornby HST. Its totally PANTS!
Hornby's HST together with their awful class 37 and 47 diesel locos are way past thier sell by date and suitable only as toys and definately not models.

I think the point of this thread has been somewhat started off as an April fool joke and died a natural death shortly afterwards. However, I have to take issue with some of the comments, and suspect I won't be the only one!!

To take the classes mentioned: yes the Hornby, or should I say Tri-ang, class 37 is crude, but it's been around in one form or another for over 40 years. Not far short of the original machines, and don't forget in 1965 there wasn't a great deal of opposition as Hornby Dublo (Meccano) had just been purchased by Tri-ang. The Lima 37 in my opinion was not a great deal better. (the Hornby one actually coupled closer!) The class 47 was introduced in the early 70's in the "Silver Seal" series and was originally available in gloss two tone green, I had one of the first corporate blue ones in 1976 when I worked at the factory (and it was bought legitimately from the staff shop). The Lima one was marginally better, but not much, and that tooliing too is long past it's best.

As for the HST power cars I have had both and have found them both to be very similar in performance and looks, I feel we should be grateful we still have the power cars available and wouldn't be at all surprised to see a retooled version in 2007.

The second generation diesels have always been among my favourite locos, and as far as I am concerned no-one has yet maanaged to get the 47 to look like it should.


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