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Mainline 43xx - is Bachmann the same?

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Hi all. I bought a Mainline 43xx today. It is a very strong runner, and a good bit of kit! One problem, though. The spurs on the bottom of the leading pony truck have broken, meaning that the axle just falls out. Does anyone know whether the CURRENT Bachmann pony truck is a direct replacement, or has it changed since their first chassis? If not, has anyone got a spare pony truck lying around? Any help greatly appreciated.
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No idea although I think its likely to be the same. Suggest you contact bachmanns service/spares dept and ask them. An email link is on the Bachmann UK website
Thanks for that. I had already looked at the Bachmann site, and noted the part number. I just didn't know if the two are interchangeable....
Alternatively araldite will adhere to the truck frame. Use that to stick on a retainer, or a piece of tube to enclose the axle, whatever suits best.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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