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Mainline 'Peaks'

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From time to time I see second hand Mainline locos turn up on a local acution site and currently there are two Peaks which have been incorrectly identified as Class 40's! Anyway my question to those in the know seeing as Barchmann gobbled up Mainline years ago would it be possable to mount a mainline body on a Bchamann chaissis? This quiry also applies to the Mainline Warship.

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You can certainly put a Mainline Peak body directly on the first version of the Bach Peak chassis (model nos with this chassis include 31-071, 31-078); but Bach have now replaced that version with an all new model, a key difference is that the bufferbeams are correctly on the bogie. Cannot help with the Warship as I have never owned one.
I suspect that would mean some more carving beyond removing the buffer beams from the body, and construction of some attachment points. It's a significantly better chassis than Bach's first version; and if you have experience of stuffing bodies with chassis they were not designed for, uniting two from the same prototype is likely to be fairly simple. However, I have not done this one, so will be interested to hear if you go ahead.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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