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Mainline 'Peaks'

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From time to time I see second hand Mainline locos turn up on a local acution site and currently there are two Peaks which have been incorrectly identified as Class 40's! Anyway my question to those in the know seeing as Barchmann gobbled up Mainline years ago would it be possable to mount a mainline body on a Bchamann chaissis? This quiry also applies to the Mainline Warship.

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Thanks 34C that helps
They might be worth getting then.
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Damn ment to ask could a Mainline peak body be fitted to the newer Bach chaissis? Obviously the bufferbeam on the Mainline shell would need removing but anything else major required? I haven't had mucxh to do wiht OO in a liong time. Been in N untill I relised my eyesight wasn't up to it anymore! So am getting back into OO after many years (like about 20) away.
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