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Making points live

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I have just started railway modelling and have got myself a Hornby DCC Freight Kit, I've got the loop made up as instructed and that works absolutely fine.
The problem I have is when I put a set of points in and switch them over to get the train on the other track, it just dies, which I assume is due to the current not getting through.

I read in the manual that I need to make the points "live" which I assume is what is going wrong here.
I've been to a local model shop to get some of the clips that it says I need but managed to come back with the wrong bit due to a misunderstanding with the shop keeper.

I've tried just bridging the gap with some of the spare track connector/isolators but to no avail.
Obviously what I need is the right bit, but I can't get to the local model shop until next week now, is there anything I can do with bits about the home to get it working?


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Hello Dmitri, and welcome to the forum.

I have no experience using Hornby points, but found this on the Hornby Web site:

Link to full page on Hornby site

One clip is shown in position on the photo, below and just before the frog.
It appears that a second clip should be inserted in the corresponding position above this.

An alternative would be to carefully solder wire links to the rails, but it looks easier to use the clips.
Referring to the photo, DCC power should be supplied as close as possible to the left hand side of the point, and also at regular intervals around your track. This will ensure you get a good DCC power connection to your layout.

Hope this works.

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Insulated frog points by their nature isolate the non selected direction. which isnt ideal for DCC where the aim is to have all directions live to enable lights, smoke units or even shunting etc to be carried out with the point set against that direction.
I have covered this very simple modification on my site..... DCC & Points About 1/3 the way down the page Headed 'Insulated frog points'
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