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Making Trees

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a video that shows how to make realistic model trees?
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A couple of months ago on the Railway Channel there was video tutorial on how to make realistic trees from wire . I've looked now and it appears to have gone .Perhaps someone connected to this site could help you.

I don't know if it's any help but in the "library" I have a book on making trees published a few years back. It's a paperback so I would easily be able to copy it. PM me if you are interested.

There's a recent article in rmweb that has a link to a video clip. It's very good for anyone that wants to learn.
Thanks guys for the replies.
Britho. That's really kind of you to offer the photocopies, but I'm really looking for a "Hands on" video demo of how to do it properly. But thanks again for the offer.
Hoonsu. Any ideas under what topic this video was or can you copy & paste the hyperlink to here possibly?
Crickwood The Railway Channel has undergone some recent changes and no instructional videos are currently available. Unless there is some other link to this video possibly?
Well done CL 009
I'll place one on order tomorrow.
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