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Dear all,

I was hoping you could help clear up an annomally I came accross the other day.
Now we are all well aware of the standard Mamod and MSS 0 gauge steam loco,With double acting oscillating cylinders on the front.
Recently I saw a Commercially produced Mamod engine with fixed cylinders and Corliss rotary valves operated by rods from the wheels!!
I know you can get better pistons and seal kits for the MSS/Mamod engine.
Another Mamod engine I saw had fixed cylinders but instead of the Corlis valves it had eccentrics inside the frame.

I have checked with the Mamod site and the MSS site but they seem to be selling the same old usual c**p.

The two that I saw with the new valve gear types were advertised for sale on the internet through various people,I wonder if they are an export only model?

I'd love to know,Stew.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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