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Hi,i am new here
Does anyone no how to fit a meths burner tray into a mamod 0-4-0 loco?
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I have never owned a Mamod Live Steam Loco or seen one operate but judging by other Live Steam Mamods that I have fired up is there not a firebox that screws shut somewhere on the loco?

It is likely to be in the cab I would have thought.

Happy modelling
When they were in full rpoduction there were a large number of after maket accessories for "Mamodification" but demand is far less these days. However a trawl though the 16mm Association newsletter or Tag Gorton's excellent "Garden Rail" magazine will produce some names. If I remember rightly PPS Models near frome used to offer Mamod stuff (01373 471023).

I have to ask, however, what the point is? Many people acquired Mamods and then spent an amazing amount of money and time bringing them up to the standard of a basic Brandbright or Accucraft loco.... why didn't they just buy one of these to start with?

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Hi i dont think they sell them with meths burner trays in,it just slides under the boiler.
QUOTE meths burner

Oh, that would be popular amongst our white trash in the States.
I was making a silly little joke about the methamphetamine epidemic (poor man's cocaine) that's raging in middle America.
Dear Porter,

The meths burner is still available from PPS steam,if you google it you will find them using the name,the meths burner fits where the standard tray goes,but requires a bit of modification to the firebox hole in the cab and one of the frame spacers needs to be filed or replaced for one with a cutout in it for the burner to fit,a simple job I'm told,all the best,Stew.

im brand new to the hobby, on your video, are you using mamod track or another make?

i trying to decide whether to go with the mamod stuff or try another brand?


hi rog , i run all my trains on mamod track i find it easyer for me to set up etc and i can run the mamod loco and hornby clockworks on the same track.adam
I think there are often a few Mamod bits and pieces going on eBay...

IP and most are abit cheeper than PPS do a lot of mamod improvment parts and you can pic them up off ebay

Or you could join the unofficial Mamod forum

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