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I doubt you are instructed to use a rolling road, but then I haven't bought every example of every RTR OO brand's products. Rolling roads are a snare and a delusion in my opinion, they don't properly exercise the mechanism in the way that running on rails does.

My best suggestion, redeploy the RR as a paperweight. Start running and assessing the mechanism on the rails: where it is going to have to work if it is to be of any practical use....
I am in full agreement with this. To me, RR's are consistent with what I call 'The Parker Pen Syndrome' - the expectation that having the best possible pen would make you write better. It made little difference if you couldn't write in the first place.

While they do have a practical benefit for those without layouts, I personally consider them to be little more than a showing-off tool: 'look at me, look how much money I have spent, aren't I clever ?'.
As 34C indicated, nothing beats running on a proper layout.

My biggest beef (apologies for a rant!) is the show-offs who produce Youtube videos of their latest DCC sound purchase running on a rolling road.
In my opinion, that proves absolutely nothing other than that they are 'plonkers' (go to the shop, buy something, bring it home and plonk it down).
When I evaluate a DCC sound package, I want to see how the sound relates to the physical motion because that's the only way that you can tell if the package is set up properly and is synchronised. Far too many DCC sound packages make a noise, but the chuffs or diesel revs are all inappropriate for the given motion and/or are at completely the wrong time, showing that the producer did not pay any attention or understanding to the prototype they recorded. The only way to check for this is to see the model operating on a proper layout. The problem is, the show-offs without layouts want to get into the game and end up spoiling it for everyone because poor DCC sound packages end up being accepted as the norm because they have not been evaluated properly!
This is why whenever I do DCC sound reviews 00 Gauge Articles - Model Railways On-Line (select DCC sound on the left), I always do it on a layout. And shunting about doesn't cut it either - it doesn't open a loco up to full thrash to show the full range of sounds!
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