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Hi Jon.

As far as I know, there are three basic types of power packs. There were the original blue ones which was phased out some time ago. One (6711), with a round control knob gave an output of 0-8Vdc for traction and a 12VA ac o/p for lighting, solenoids, etc. while the other had a pointer knob and was teh same except that the traction voltage went from 2-8V.

Then Marklin introduced a brown constant current 0-8Vdc output controller (6701), otherwise the same as 6711 above.

Finally we come to the two types of grey controller. The first plugs straight into the mains and is a pretty heavy beast. Operationally it appears to be the same as 6711 above (from the description in the catalogue). The other grey one is much lighter and smaller and used a mains adapter to supply a low voltage to the controller. These are the type I use on my layout. [Their only disadvantage is that the accessories output is linked to the traction output and, under certain rare contritions, this is not desirable. However, additional mains converters are easily available on eBay.]

It is probably best to stay with the drown or grey types, especially if you have locos with 5 pole motors.

Hope that helps,

PS. I do have a spare grey mains powered (67011) power pack if you are interested.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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