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Spotted in the Marklin forum over on the other side of the pond. The reason I have introduced it here is that it was one set in the Marklin catalogue at the Ontracks continental open day that caught my eye:-

QUOTE Hi all.

The Trainset # 26355 reproduction of the Adler limited to 3333 units
is sold out. Only five of this Sets where allocated by Marklin for the U.S. market.
I guess we can look on Ebay to see this Set very soon.


If 5 were allocated to the USA then I wonder how many were allocated to the UK?

This could be the rarest train set in Britain!

Especially if the allocation matches the sort of score the UK seems to get in the Eurovision Song Contest these days.

It also prooves that Marklin still produce product that sells out.

Happy modelling

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Another contender for rare must be the Platinum, Gold and Silver cast Z scale loco pack for the Greek Olympics. I believe only 1 pack came into the UK when launched.
Retailed at about £4,000 for the three - and we complain about £100 for a OO loco!

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