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I have newsletter from marklin about update on 60212 Central station.

Starting from June available:
Update of the Märklin central station

Starting from at the beginning of June 2007 until December 2007 can be extended the Märklin central station by means of a free update by further games functions, which make a still reality-more faithful driving possible.

Range of the update

This update consists of a new software for the central station and a hardware extension for the connection of the acknowledging decoder s88 and for the binding of the earlier digital assortment. (6017; 6021)

Who can accomplish this update?

This update can be accomplished only in the Märklin repair service. The central station with this update it is modified in such a way that in the future also a simple update is over possible for Internet.

How can I mean central in station to the update to send?

The following alternatives are available:

* The central station can be transferred with the specialist dealer for forwarding to Märklin.
* The central station directly at the Märklin repair service is sent in.
* The central station can be delivered in the Märklin experience world in Göppingen.
* In Switzerland or in the USA the cent ral station can be brought to agencies also with the there Märklin locally on the current version.

Which new possibilities or changes offer does the central station after the update?

* Switch from routes
* Connection type of a computer for future updates or as control electronics *
* Connection of the acknowledging DEK OR s88
* Mechanism circuits like e.g. a pendulum enterprise
* Optimized control possibilities with locomotives. Like that is e.g. Bremsenquiet with mfx locomotives now more simply releasable.
* Digital devices like the control unit can be attached. If further control devices are attached such as key board, MEMORY, control 80f etc. to this central processing unit, then also these control instructions are implemented.

* = suitable software is from different offerers in preparation.

Do my past data in the central station remain with the update?

In principle the data will be available also after the update of the central station. In exceptional cases like for example this cannot be guaranteed to the exchange of defective equipment however.

Sincerely yours,
Gebr. Märklin & Cie. GmbH
i.V. Dagmar Bauer i.V. Michael Backhaus
Export Department Office Manager Area Sales Manager
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