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The signature of all 22 remaining owners appears to be assured now, after final negotiations end of last week. Märklin employees went this morning from the factory to "downtown" Göppingen to ultimately demonstrate for agreement of the sale to Kingsbridge.
(German text)

English translation

"Rather sold as Märklin betrayed" is sold

The sale of the model railroad manufacturer Märklin at the British finance investor Kingsbridge Capital stands directly before the termination. The families owners of designated the probability of a sale according to concurring statements of works committee member and management of Märklin with 99.9 percent, writes the "Stuttgarter newspaper". "All three tribe representatives have confirms, that the signatures with a security of 99.9 percent on Tuesday come", says the works committee member chair Franz Jordan of the newspaper.

On Monday morning the Märklin works committee member had met with Susanne Friz-child, Gerd Wölz and the lawyer Wolfgang Röhrl. They represent the three families tribes Friz, Safft and Märklin that hold respectively one-third of the tribe capital of 12.64 million Euros at the business. All three representatives expressed themselves for a sale at Kingsbridge Capital. The manager Paul Adams confirmed the information. After the works committee member had informed the personnel about the new situation, approximately 300 colleagues of Märklin of the work terrain pulled into the Göppinger inner cities in order to support the sale. On the transparent stood among other things: "Rather sold as betray".

Stephen haskins

PS: See also here:

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Dennis and I have a few bets on this issue.

I believe more interesting things are afoot and now that there is 'one' owner, perhaps we will see this company rationalised (split up) and change hands again in the not too distant future.

8 May. Approximately 350 Märklin employees marched from the factory gates to the Göppinger city center. They requested that all the partners sign the deal for the complete sale of the company to hopefully ensure it's future.

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Dennis, I've heard the converse. Hornby have already done a deal with Kingsbridge and the remaining staff at Marklin will have lessons in Morris dancing and how to speak estuary English, the canteen will only serve carbohydrates and they will be forced to drink warm beer and cold tea!


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News came in 12/5/06
(German text)

English Translation
Märklin-sale at investor perfectly model train farmer fights with sinking revenues - dispute of the old company around sale concludes

Göppingen - the traditional families business Märklin was received by the British investor Kingsbridge Capital. The business was sold with contract of the 11 May of the 22 old companies at the Londoners Investmentgesellschaft, divided Kingsbridge Capital on Friday with. "As a more newly owner feel we us the tradition sign Märklin obligates", said limp Kingsbridge Capital boss Mathias.

"Märklin is one of the best signs of the world, with high quality standard and a loyal clientele", said limp. With the arranged investments of Kingsbridge Capital and Goldman special let it be the way free for an extensive realignment, that should help the tradition sign Märklin after a crises period again to new productive growths. All should be set on that to lead the sign again more to young people. To the purchase price was arranged quiet silent.

Märklin-manager Paul Adams welcomed the sale. With the new investor, Märklin has "now a solvent partner at the side, that flexible and quickly on the needs of the business go in can." This entrepreneurial realignment creates free room for the expansion. "Therewith are we for the challenges of the coming years well mobilized", said Adams.

The total works committee member chair Frank Jordan saw the sale, for which Industrial Trade Union had intervened metal and works committee member, also positively. To be sure it emphasized that not yet all anxieties would be been outstanding. A meeting with the investor had to take place soon, in which information would be given about that, what should happen with the single locations, Jordan said. To be sure would agree it optimistically that Kingsbridge Capital wanted put through first once no large structure changes.

Three of the 22 company had expressed themselves until a few days ago against the sale of the manufacturer of model railroads, that however only unanimously was able to result. Märklin has stuck for years because of the restrained spending of the consumer and more bargain competition in the crisis.

Also see in pdf from marklin website
(Sorry in German)

Stephen haskins

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A BBC news report this morning claims that Polish and Slovak workers are paid 20% of their western counterparts. Hence jobs in the UK are being switched to Eastern Europe.

The Trabant used to be made in Eastern Europe and now it will be the Vauxhall Corsa.

Makes you think doesn't it?

Happy modelling

PS What was "the Trabant" of the model railway world, or was there ever one?

I have started a topic in the "station concourse" section on this theme to keep this thread on the subject of Marklin.

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This is a copy of the information given to Marklin insiders and Trix Profi club members. It pretty much says the same as above but is more readable as it an English version rather than a translation.

"Kingsbridge Capital take over of Märklin:

· Change in shareholder structure offers new growth opportunities
· Märklin CEO Paul Adams: "Investment is creating new freedom to expand"

Göppingen/London, 11. May 2006 - Agreement has been reached on the future of
the long established Märklin company. The 22 former shareholders signed an
agreement on 11 May 2006 that the company, founded almost 150 years ago and
specialising in making high quality model railways, would be sold to
London-based investment company, Kingsbridge Capital. "Märklin is one of the
best brand names in the world with high quality standards and a loyal
customer base", said Dr. Mathias Hink, CEO and Managing Director of
Kingsbridge Capital Advisors, a member of the Austrian HARDT GROUP. "As the
new owners we feel an obligation towards the long-established Märklin brand
and will do everything in our power to actively support the management in
making the most of opportunities to grow the company and to extend the brand
towards young customers." With the agreed joint investment by Kingsbridge
Capital and Goldman Sachs the path is now clear to reposition the company,
which should help Märklin overcome the current crisis period and achieve new
profitable growth. The purchase price is not being disclosed. Investment
company Kingsbridge Capital, set up in 2004, consists of a team of highly
experienced restructuring and finance specialists who have already invested
in Kunert AG, Immenstadt and EWT Breitbandnetze GmbH, Augsburg in Germany.
Due to difficult trading conditions in recent years, Märklin had already
launched a restructuring and cost saving program led by CEO Paul Adams. The
challenges facing the company are currently overcoming current issues and
achieving a turnaround in sales of. "In Kingsbridge Capital we have a
reliable and solid partner one that is capable of responding quickly and
flexibly to the needs of the company. This creates freedom for new expansion
and that we are well positioned to deal with the challenges of the years
ahead", said Paul Adams.

About Kingsbridge Capital Kingsbridge Capital, London is part of the HARDT
GROUP, an international alternative investment company and was founded by
Dr. Mathias Hink and Dr. Ion Florescu. With about 22 investment
professionals in Vienna, London, Zug and New York the HARDT GROUP advises
corporate clients and manages an actual total investment volume of 860
million USD. Kingsbridge Capital is a part of HARDT GROUP of private equity
investors. As an active owner and working in close collaboration with the
management of acquired companies, Kingsbridge Capital develops and
implements strategies to add value to companies."

The emphasis seems to be on younger people.
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