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Martin Evens Books

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Hi I was wondering if anyone had for sale a copy of Simplex 0-6-0 Tank A Simple Freelance Steam Locomotive. Also any information on the Super Simplex. Or for that matter any of his( Martin Evens) live steam loco building books.
I would also like to purchase set of plans, castings part built for the above.
Am bidding on "E" Bay for some bits,and books, as the local Lanarkshire Library service have little or no model engineering books and the national Library of Scotland are a bit slow, most of the Martin Evens books are out of print.
Thanks AndrewS
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Dear Andrew,
For Martin Evans books try
(a) Local book fairs, even if not transport-related
book stalls at model railway/model engineering exhibitions
© Internet - these are a couple I think worth trying: (Geoff Gamble Books) (Bob Pearman Books)

There is someone at Matlock in Derbyshire, (Bill ???) but I don't have the details to hand.
Look in the adverts of 'Model Engineer' and similar mags, including the model railway magazines for other potential book sellers.
Hope you find what you want,
John Webb
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Hi John
many thanks for the info, when I close down here I will try those www listings
Bill Hudson of course! on the station concourse
kind regards Andrew S
Sorry, Geoff Gamble should read:

Trying to type too fast!

Yes - I remember now it was Bill Hudson - have you ever been to the shop? I went a few years ago now, but also met up with him at a model railway exhibition down this way last year.
John Webb
Hi John thanks for that but still no luck
Andrew S
Another dealer in books is Andrew Neale of Leeds who has quite extensive NG material

have not got details to hand but might be useful to try.
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