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QUOTE (Lancashire Fusilier @ 5 Nov 2008, 13:57) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for the post regarding F&S and their products. A couple of interesting observations having just quickly cast my eyes across their range.

They say their micro tube is easy to drill out however I only seem to have drills as small as 0.3mm which would be limiting I guess.

Also the smallest I know of wire is 0.2mm which would mean that limiting sizes would be around the 0.7mm size tube (which is still good).

They seem to say on their regular range of tube that the Outside Diameter (OD) of say 1.00mm Inside diameter (ID) of 0.9mm yet Wall Thickness (WT) of 0.1mm. I would imagine this is just a mistake perhaps? Obviously the (WTx2)+ID should = OD. If this is the case ae we seeing 0.05mm WT tube?

For short lengths of smaller than .3mm ID, use the tip of one of your reamers.


For a small "once only" drill below 0.3mm, use a bit of guitar string eg at o.1mm ... guitar string usually = piano wire/hardened steel wire. cut with dremel, flatten at end a little bit (hammer time :) ....and clean up sides of the flattening to leave a chisel end. Use it to clear the .1mm tubing. You might need to solder it into a bit of slightly larger tube as it will challenge a standard chuck to hold it.

No need to take a micrometer to the music shop... The diameter of guitar strings is printed on the pack - however you might need to convert the measurements to metric, as most are printed for the US market which still lives in the imperial age.

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