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Mcafee anti virus or norton anti virus for windows vista

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i know this has nothing to do with model trains but i have bought the latest pc with so much memory etc etc and it comes with windows vista and i have tried loading mcafee anti virus on (which states vista compatible), it loaded up ok but the pc kept crashing on me.

windows vista has some how blocked it ? (vista wont even allow certain games to load up either)
i dont want to keep wasting money on anti virus things that will not load or work on vista.

Now, does anyone here have a super duper pc with windows vista and have norton, mcafee or any anti virus software installed and if so, which one please ? pc world said they wont sell mcafee to vista users becaue of this problem.

the last thing i want to do is get viruses etc etc and i DO NOT TRUST bloody windows so called security !!!!!!

any help please as i would be so grateful.

thank you gang

P.S mcafee is probably the best one to stop hackers,trojans,viruses etc etc !
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The fundamental problem here is that Vista is a stonking great big piece of
. Five times bigger than XP on your hard disk and just so one can have transparent windows...the world has gone stark raving mad...or rather the retailers need some new resource guzzling piece of software to sell people so that have to upgrade their computers. Sales to get more sales...

Vista is so horrible it makes XP "Professional" a delight to use, after a few command code modifications have been made...and these are freely available on the internet. At least the future is bright...the future's Linux! I've suffered from 3.11 to XP and I'm not going any further with Microsoft...XP will be the last of their products I buy, and with free open-source equivalents of "Office" etc. now available and highly capable I look forward to sweeping away the last vestiges of filth from my hard disk...

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I have also found McAfee to be good in the past but things are always changing and so long term brand loyalty can sometimes be a "hassle-free" rip-off e.g. long term bank customers suffer below-inflation interest rates while competitve new accounts are only marketed at potential customers! One must be forever vigilant...the entire concept of a corporate brand is counterproductive in the long run to the best interests of an individual.

QUOTE (Sibrows @ 21 Jun 2007, 22:58) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>And relax...

I'd love to know if someone has done a scientific study to compare the average blood pressure of users of Windows,Apple,Linux,Unix etc... performing some standardised set of tasks such as installing a modem, changing the screen resolution and setting up a hard disk partition etc. I'm sure the results would be amusing, although perhaps people with naturally higher blood pressure just choose 'Windows' because it sounds nice.

As Michael Winner said, "Calm down! It's just a screensaver..."

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