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I have a super duper PC right in front of me, manufactured by Apple. No Vista, No Norton, McAfee etc., it just works as advertised.

Still, afaik, Norton offers a downloadable upgrade thingy so that MS Vista users can utilize their software as well. In addition, Kaspersky Labs is said to offer a very powerful, Vista compatible anti-virus software that you may want to try out. Anti-Virus software digs deep into the inner workings of Windows Vista, and I´ve read that the manufacturer has intentionally made it hard to install this kind of software to make it harder for viruses to attack.

In addition, don´t forget to

- activate your firewall
- get some anti-adware stuff like the program called ad-aware
- get something to scan for spyware in case your anti-virus software isn´t capable of doing so

before you start to make sure you avoid any bad surprises...
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