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mearklin transformer

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to ashleyh

i have seen that you have the mearklin control station. i was wondering if the 60055/60052 transformer is supplied with as the manual states it not, could you let me know, i would be very grateful. for any replies.

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Hi John

No power supply is included with the Marklin Central Station 60212.
I use a 60052 which I picked up fairly cheaply on Ebay, To get the full potential track voltage it is important to use a 60VA rated transformer.

Hope this helps
To find a suitable transformer have a look at the Viessmann range - it's well worth getting a purpose made item to ensure getting the best of of an expensive bit of kit.

The safety aspect is worth considering as well - there are not too many people capable of building a safe power supply of that output. (There are a few on this forum though).
thanks AshleyH & dbclass50, for your replies. gaugemaster is doing it for £75 - £80. it has a 3amp output to the track. plus it's a 60va rated.

thanks again for the swift reply

Only 60052 or 6002 marklin transformer can use for central station.

Any others transformer might damage central station and not covered by warranty.

Where did you live,John?
I think you are in Ireland?
steventrain, yes
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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