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Mehano and Hornby tracks together ?

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Hello happy members!
Another newbie question: can I use the Mehano and Hornby tracks together?
Thanks for your help.
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If they are of matching gauge, and the flange gaps and depth to chairs is sufficient for flange action and clearance of all the stock wheels then, yes. (I have OO 16.5mm gauge and code 75 and 100 rail track from Peco, SMP, Marcway and handbuilt track on my layout fior example.) But it is up to the layout constructor to determine this, and match rail top height where the different track systems connect, which may require some DIY adaption.
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I tried to use Mehano and Hornby tracks and it failed miserably. :mad:
The questions are the why, what and how of the failure.
This is where your ingenuity comes in.

Technique such as fitting a railjoiner from the smaller rail inside the larger rail's railjoiner to adapt the two systems to each other is often a good method.

This sort of fiddling about is only really worthwhile if the track that needs adaption otherwise works really well, and you have a good quantity of it.
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Personally, I would buy Peco from those two options. It's made in the UK, by the only model railway manufacturer of significant size that has managed to maintain operations here.
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