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I've had [still got AFAIK] several mehano products.....US prototypes.

Apart from the ALco S1 swicher [shunter].....all had central can-like motor [of cheapo persuasion] with shaft/uj drive to each bogie tower, and 4, 5 or6 wheel drive.......[when Hornby/lima were into motor bogies].................the S1 still had a central motor, but only drove one truck.......this in late 1980's..when the much-vaunted HORNBY...have emulated the same drive layout on their re-vamped [lima] class 20!!!

They were priced cheap as chips, even over here.

In the US -side of things...they well pre-dated the arrival of KAto, etc, so for competition, they had the old Athearn [with their industrial motors that cold blow a 13 amp fuse on start-up]....Atlas, early Bachymann,etc......

in model terms they were very basic [don't like 'crude']

they were noted for [on their diesels] having huge openins where the pilot [buffer-less leam] should have been,for the coupler swing.....very thick plastic handrails, but excellent body mouldings.

More IMPORTANTLY...their range covered all the less-common prototypes seen in the US and elsewhere...Athearn et al covered the popular EMD and GM types, Mehano did the famous ALCO diesels....C415, C428, C420, S1.......etc.

At that point, most of these were only available in expensive-but-exquisite brass from Japan.

[they have now since been modelled in equally exquisite plastic by later makers]

So for the broke modeller seeking different, Mehano was a good bet......plastikard to infill the pilots, make up wire handrails, remove moulded grabs and replace with ubiquitous bambi staples....and hey ho.

Personally, would eventually replace the motors with Sagami or Mabuchi [sorry, Mashima...showing my age] we do today.....and add loads of depleted uranium ballast.

They were cheap enough for me to convert the C628 into a UP C630, ie hacksaw and plasticard.....the C415 got converted to the Hi-cab version.....the S1 was a little high on its trucks, later years at NMRA meets, it would cheekily switch on my modules and be assumed to be a Kato model......[would be a more suitable candidate for cross-scaling into a 4mm Alco from British Steel]

Mehano's steamers were a cheap alternative to the few plastic steamers out there [US -proto]...competitors being the likes of Rivarossi, MDC Roundhouse, Varney [I think]and a make I cannot think the name of, which produced very Hornby-dublo-like steamers.......I had [have] a 4-6-4, and a 4-6-2.

Until the arrival of Bachmann's Spectrum USRA models...a breath of fresh was these, or brass.

I had several 0-4-0 ex-pennsy switchers...these never had full valve gear...the rivarossi alternative was nice in a Hornby-Dublo sort of way.....but had a horrendously huge- in- every- respect motor...nicely sprung tender though.

Most Mehano stuff could/can be found in the bargain bucket ads fro the general box stackers..teh ''Happy Shoppers'' of the railway retail trade.

Question...the GG1 is very much a electric loco....why sound? It already has it.
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