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Hi Crow, members,

I am no longer a posting member of this board although I still read news here. Could a member let Crow know that i have posted this, as he may not see it here.


I am living in Denmark too. Where are you?

I am also building a British BR 1950 to 1967 layout oo.

It has computer control and web cam staging, dcc etc.

I will also put a turn table in.

I am using Lenz with the Roco hand controller

The problem with a turntalbe is easy to solve as you seem to know. Get a cheap Hornby TT and test any loco decoder set to addres 99 for your Roco handset. The TT motor is quite loud you may need to change it too later.

Heljan here in Denmark have just released a great indexing TT based on American prototype.

Here is my e mail address in Dk you are welcome to ask more here.

[email protected]

Best wishes,

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you are quite right, did not think of that when I posted.

Guess I will have to ask admin to delete my post at the end of the day.

Thanks for reminding me.

just put my email on as an after thought.

very silly


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Dear Admin,

Sorry to be a pain but could you delete the first post I made or delete my e mail address before I get spammed to death.

Next time I will take the time to register properly if I see a thread.

best wishes,

ps keep up the good work, love the articles etc and visit here a lot. Now back to that stack of Wills retaining walls!
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