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Metal wheels

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Hi All,

I have bought a few dummy athearn locos to detail and weather /paint for the layout ...... as they come they are fitted with plastic wheels on metal axles which prise off easily but i am looking for metal ones one wheel off the axle so it can be threaded through the truck then press on the other wheel, i can then run lights picking power from the track or is there another way to solve it i was thinking of thin brass tube the right diameter of the wheel like a traction tyre to allow pick up from the rails ..... with a contact touching the brass up to the bulb ........ has anyone seen or tried it this way ?
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hello there

its actually much simpler than that.

You can order athearn driving wheels and just about any BB wheelset will fit. they come complete with the phosphor bronze bearings and they are a drop in fit.

the Athearn blue box loco's were a very modular design. (very advanced for its day!)

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for the information i'll have to go online and find some driving wheels from the locos with some fiddling i should be able to get the trucks apart to place the axles in , and isolate the truck from the chassis.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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