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Methods for performing major surgery

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I need to perform some major surgery on the internals of a Hornby tender so I can fit a large speaker. It's a long time since I have done something like this but my memories are of long and awkward struggles to get a scalpel into just the right place and slowly hacking parts away at great risk to the model and my fingers. There's got to be a better way, so I was wondering what methods people use. I am considering a Dremel fitted with a cutting disc, perhaps running from a flexible shaft.

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All of the above are valid and effective methods but one other method which is useful where a cutting disc can't reach is to drill a whole series of holes close together around the edges of an area to be removed (still using the trusty Dremel!), then cutting and breaking the remaining connections between the holes. Clean up with files afterwards if necessary (not needed if the area is hidden inside the tender).

If using the slitting discs, note that they are very brittle so if the plastic melts and "grabs" the disc it will stop momentarily and may shatter - usually accompanied, in my case, by a series of swear words! Moral: make sure you wear eye protection if doing any of this sort of work (I wear glasses anyway so am covered!).
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