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methods of securing the track

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I have noticed that many model railway suppliers have track tacks for securing the track down to a board... However I'm not entirely happy about nailing my track down. I was windering if there are any screws which have a small enough diameter to screw the track down without causing any damage as my current layout is not going to be a perminent one and i would like to be able to remove and alter the track at will.

Many thanks
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Have you considered glueing it down? I have used ordinary white wood glue on about every fourth sleeper, more near a join. I put one drop each side of the sleeper roughly under the rail. Weighted down with food tins or similar it dries quite quickly.

Although it holds the track well, it is forgiving if you want to change your mind. The track comes up very easily with a not very sharp blade like a wallpaper scraper slid under it and moved along slowly. I have had to do this in a couple of places that needed a bit of re-alignment.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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