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methods of securing the track

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I have noticed that many model railway suppliers have track tacks for securing the track down to a board... However I'm not entirely happy about nailing my track down. I was windering if there are any screws which have a small enough diameter to screw the track down without causing any damage as my current layout is not going to be a perminent one and i would like to be able to remove and alter the track at will.

Many thanks
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Has any body experimented with the doublesided car body tape you can buy. It is foamed backed, albeit up to normally 1mm, I have seen slightly thicker versions, but was just wondering whether this was an alternative to track laying and ballast sticking in one go. It is heat resistant and does stick like proverbial, and would also have noise insulation properties. I have seen mentioned else where on here about normal double sided tape, but not this foam back type stuff.(I may have missed it of course).
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