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methods of securing the track

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I have noticed that many model railway suppliers have track tacks for securing the track down to a board... However I'm not entirely happy about nailing my track down. I was windering if there are any screws which have a small enough diameter to screw the track down without causing any damage as my current layout is not going to be a perminent one and i would like to be able to remove and alter the track at will.

Many thanks
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*** I have screws from 1mm x 3mm to 1.6mm x 8mm - about half a dozen sizes in both pan and countersunk head, and up to 100,ooo of each in stock so not too hard to supply all you might need :). PM me if you are interested

However while I'm happy to supply if you want them, I have to be honest and say that I tend to agree with Roberts post as t the best method for securing track - a little PVA glue every few sleepers and a wirght to hold it down as the glue dries holds it quite securely but it is still easy to remove if change is wanted.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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