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6 foot by 11 inches is a huge amount of space in 4mm OO gauge..or EM or P4.....and certainly usable in 7mm O gauge..

such relatively minimal dimensions have historically been the bread 'n butter of UK railway modelling.

even mainline activity can be catered for...whether it's a case of what happens either end.....or simply some feature in the middle....

standard gauge, narrow gauge, you name it, 6 foot can be ample.

Combine that dimension with the use of [portable, removable] types of hidden sidings, one end, or both, and 6 foot for scenics an be huge.

I tend to favour longer, but fewer sidings [if that is what I'm aiming for] or two long sidings being in my eyes more effective in appearance than several short ones.

of course, the huge advantage of a 6 foot plank, is the builder's ability to finish to a higher standard, with more attention to detail, than would be possible with a larger project.

so, branch lines, industrials, etc aren't the only option....check out those tomes by Iain Rice, for example.......

[and Cyril Freezer's famous Minories plan isn't much longer than 6 foot, and is real mainline stuff....and doesn't need N gauge .....3mm scale is about as small as I'd go, [pork sausage fingers and failing close-up eyesight, sadly]
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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