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Some of you may have read that My Brother and I are building layout to take out and show off.
Well we've been working on it over the last couple of days so here are some pictures of the work that we've done

Train Vehicle Wood Rolling stock Rolling

That's the back of the retail park against the backscene so all you'll see there is the stores being resupplied. There is from left to right, a fast food outlet, probably Pizza Hut subject to being able to get logos for it. the big arc roofed building is Tesco Extra (Their taking over the model world as well) then five well known brand stores to be decided, stores like PC World, Comet, MFI and Toys 'R' Us.
The tracks in front of this retail park will have the station built around them, so no pressure to top the low relief retail park then.

Any way I'm sure Brian will be along soon to fill you in on a bit more.
Andii Sewell

PS that's Bro Sewell standing behind the layout.


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Thanks for that Brian, I already buy stuff from International Models so I'll give them a bell to order some of this Sea Moss stuff.

The reason I asked is that I have been trying to get really authentic trees for some time and have got ok ones but nothing near as good as that. Your trees are the best I've seen so I'm going to use your method and get one of their "forest" sized sets.

Yes I wondered how big a forest was too? Hope it's not a Deer forest.
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Coming along nicely Brian.

I got some of the seamoss and Anita Decor foliage after seeing it here and made some trees with it yesterday. It's brilliant. Best trees I have seen. Thanks for the tip.
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Looks good Brian. I have one of these fence kits somewhere too waiting to be built. One day.
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