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Some of you may have read that My Brother and I are building layout to take out and show off.
Well we've been working on it over the last couple of days so here are some pictures of the work that we've done

Train Vehicle Wood Rolling stock Rolling

That's the back of the retail park against the backscene so all you'll see there is the stores being resupplied. There is from left to right, a fast food outlet, probably Pizza Hut subject to being able to get logos for it. the big arc roofed building is Tesco Extra (Their taking over the model world as well) then five well known brand stores to be decided, stores like PC World, Comet, MFI and Toys 'R' Us.
The tracks in front of this retail park will have the station built around them, so no pressure to top the low relief retail park then.

Any way I'm sure Brian will be along soon to fill you in on a bit more.
Andii Sewell

PS that's Bro Sewell standing behind the layout.


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Excellent work Brian - thanks for the pics & update.
Very nice - especially like the "Knights of Old" truck -always thought it was a smart livery & logo.
QUOTE (bro sewell @ 20 Jun 2008, 22:35) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The truck is Andii's and is on loan for sizing up purposes.
Often you see layouts with road vehicles in places that there is no way they could have got into position without the aid of a crane. The Hornby advert for the circus vehicles if a case in point (oh - sorry, I forgot I'm not allowed to critisize Hornby). Excellent way of creating a backscene - if you had more space you could model all the "non-Tesco" trucks waiting at the RDC whilst the "Tesco" ones jump the queue
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Hi Andii,

Personally I like the idea of the RDC being "Tesco" - people will of course identify immediatly with it. (Talking of RDC's my remarks apply to all RDC's & was a little TIC too !).

Why don't you approach your employers for some sponsorship (maybe even if they just pay for the Tesco trucks) - start by asking permission to use their logos & take it from there - if you don't ask you don't get, worth the time of a few emails ?
The security fence looks good - how about some "plastic bag leaves" to decorate the barbed wire at the top ?
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1 - 5 of 66 Posts
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