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The new Minitrix and Trix items for 2008 can be seen here!

Since I model N scale I will focus on the new items for this scale, and allow someone else to do the H0 Trix 2008 thread!

It looks like 2008 will be as good a year as 2007 was!! Here are some highlights from my point of view...although there is a huge amount of other great new stuff!

11123 N Digistart MRCE 185.5

11126 N Digistart SBB Re 4/4 II

11484 N Start SNCF/FRET BB 422200

11610 N ÖBB V City Airport Train CAT

12159 N BLS AG V Re 485

12169 N ÖBB V Reihe 1012
12170 N ÖBB V Reihe 1012

12574 N Siemens Dispolok ES 64 F4

15271 N DB-AG Display Moderne Bahn (3)

15647 N SBB/CFF/FFS Rungenwg. Beladen

ÖBB modellers get the Reihe 1012 locomotive (in H0 for 2007) and a full CAT train with Taurus! A good year if you model Austria!! (or Switzerland, France, Germany...hehe) There are plenty of new wagon sets, for example the one above with a new canvas bogie freight wagon, the SBB EuroCity coaches are coming back!

Tomorrow I will be seeing the bank manager about a re-morgage!

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QUOTE (simonj @ 23 Jan 2008, 19:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi Goedel, some decent stuff in the link you posted including another one of those 20 wagon sets . The panoramic SBB coach also looks really nice, is this the first time they've released these? Any idea when Trix will make an official statement?
I think it will be at the huge Nuremberg International Toy Exhibition at the start of February, this is when it is traditionally done by the big manufacturers, often with models of the prototypes at various stages of completion!

No, the panorama coaches have been produced before with the other coaches. They really are the very best coaches in my humble opinion! Minitrix is rereleasing the whole lot - Re 460 in red, EC Apm, EC Bpm and the delightful panorama coach - and sorely missed they have been if the eBay prices are anything to go by. The coaches have been released in sets such as this:

Minitrix 13709 k (1997 - 2000)

or individually. Talking of the SBB, if Hobbytrain get round to finally releasing the IC 2000 doubledecker coaches this year then I'll be bankrupt!
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