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Minitrix Crocodiles

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Has anybody seen a review or had experience of the Minitrix Ce6-8 crocodiles? They seem pretty expensive compared to other locomotives and wondered what they were like.
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I'll gladly do a review if some kind person would send me one.
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I think Dennis David would have one of these. Maybe he might be able to enlighten you.
I have not bought one yet. Will in the next few months though. Probably one of each colour. I have seen them run in a store and from what I saw they ran fine. Not sure why they are more expensive than other locomotives though.
Well I took the plunge and bought a Be6/8 Minitrix crocodile yesterday. Detail is pretty good, the model is heavy and will run very slowly although its pretty noisy in operation. The model is the green version and has a built in DCC decoder. Here's a quick shot I took with my wifes compact camera and bad lighting/settings. I'll take some proper photos tomorrow.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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