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Hallo there,

The splendid Minitrix (N) Autumn releases are announced... (where they have nice unlinkable-to pictures!!)

11612 Holztransportzug. (E-Lok 1116 MWB + Snps SBB)
12310 Dampflokomotive mit Schlepptender. (BR 01 DRG)
15226 Tragschnabelwagen (Uai 839)
15710 Set mit 4 Schnellzugwagen. (C 4ü-28, AB 4ü-28, WR 4ü-29, C 4ü-28)
15852 Set mit 2 Doppelstockwagen. (DBz 750 [P])

Well hurrah! The Salzburger EisenbahnTransportLogistik (SETG) Taurus (of the Mittelweserbahn (MWB)) is excellently detailed with wood chippings which reflects its freight cargo this case a set of three SBB Snps bogie flat wagons with wood loads. These wagons are very nicely made with very very realistic looking log loads and close coupling etc. however...both of these exact items have been released before and separately!

I have this SETG Taurus, and an excellent model it is in every way, here are my pictures to prove how nice the paint scheme is:

Pictures from

With liveries like this I demand to know - who now can say modern electrics are boring?!

...and the wood wagons I have in the DB version produced a few years ago, along with this SBB one which makes we wonder why they are combined now...I have the locomotive and so will not buy the set even though I need many more wood wagons! If only they had done this the other way round - sold the set last year say and then released the items separately now.

I get the feeling that perhaps they overproduced the SETG Taurus have packaged the remaining models with a re-run of the wood wagons. They do go together but I feel this has all happened backwards and alas I shall not be making a purchase, or three. This of course does nothing to dent my love of all things Minitrix, after their stunning SBB panorama coach I have been hooked and the Alpine Transit set (15645) that I have raved about in another thread was simply delicious.

Fine, I admit the truth for no other purchases just now! I'm saving up for one of these corkers due out anytime now, the E189 ÖBB Dispolok (12753):

And there is an Italian version too:

How anyone can turn down 4 fully detailed and painted operational pantographs I know not...well if you model a diesel line you are of course excused!

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You'll won't know what's hit you if you go trainspotting in the woods
Looks like perfect tree camoflage to me.

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