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I could see the FOMO trap early on.
I have three strategies:
  • never buy more than one of each loco prototype;
  • never buy duplicate road numbers of rolling stock;
  • never buy at list price.
I've missed a few things along the way but that hasn't stopped my acquiring over 400 items including 35 locos.
Manufacturers are assisting by reducing the range of era 1 &2 releases. My 3 rail base further limits any random spending.

If Brexit/covid/exchange rates had not intervened, I would have picked up a couple of 'missing links' from places like Contikits.
Its weird, I was just looking at a marklin set with a Bavarian D XII loco. I already have this prototype, but could use another.
It turns out that M have changed the internals since the first incarnation and the general opinion is that the most recent version is useless. So, missing out isn't always a bad thing...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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