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This thread has been very re-assuring as coming back into the hobby after a short break, I did miss out on quite a few Continental locos that I would have ordered from MSL but are only around now on normal channels at near RRP. I have quite a few pre-orders back in now with MSL and the lead times allow me time to save up, plus if lucky, there have been a few items in their sale section which I have snapped up. Sticking with MSL also allows my little bit of loyalty discount to pay for the postage too...

I see Hornby will be doing their 2022 range release video this morning; I have a small bet with myself there will be at least 5 'new' locos/train packs in re-liveries at ~30% more than the previous incarnation. I have also had all 4 of their Bulleid Kitchen / Diner cars on pre-order since announcement and am fully expecting an email from my dealer to advise of a price increase from the PO price of £45 to ~£55-58
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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