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Hi all,

My brother, nephews and I are in the process of constructing a model railway in a garage with quite a bit of room to play with / in.
We'd like to have some mixed gauge OO / OO9 trackwork and I was wondering if anyone here has ever attempted constructing any?

I've searched for websites and publications about this but to date haven't found any!
Any info at all would be gratefully received.

We've tried the Tillig stuff but the older OO models don't like it at all. So build our own we must.

Cheers and happy modelling!

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I once saw a layout at an exhibition, probably a couple of years ago, of a GWR/LSWR mixed gauge using standard and broad gauge tracks. It was all scratch built and I have to say looked and worked superbly. It is also the only time I have ever seen this publicly displayed.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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