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Mk3 blue and greys for new Hornby Class 43 HST?

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Based on the positive review in Hornby magazine issue 19, I do like the look of the new Hornby Class 43 HST power cars, especially the BR blue and yellow variant R2701.

Can anyone suggest any suitable RTR passenger rolling stock to sandwich inbetween? I believe it should be BR Mk3's, but Hornby don't appear to offer any in BR blue and grey to match the power car livery (unless they're being announced in the 2009 line up?). Do any other manufacturers offer anything suitable in 00?

Any suggestions on what mixture of carriages for a shortish rake (say 3 or 4 coaches)? First + second + restaurant + brake, maybe? I'm not sure if I could accommodate a full eight coach set between the power cars on my layout (and I don't think my wallet would stand it, either!)

I understand that only one of the cars is powered, but I presume that if one opts for the DCC fitted version with directional lighting it will be necessary to double head them?
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If it's any help, i run two formations of HST depending on space available (using the old Hornby power cars but the principle is the same).

A full length rake has between the power cars: TGS + TS + TS + TS + TRSB (or whatever!) + TF + TF giving a Western Region formation of 2 power cars plus seven trailers.

A short rake (for running on my own layout) has the two power cars (of course!) plus TGS + TS + TS + TRSB + TF or TGS + TS + TRSB + TF + TF, depending on which takes my fancy at the time.

My trailers are all older Lima and Joueff (repainted), but Hornby have made blue and grey trailers in the past so you may be able to pick these up second-hand.

If you can't fit a two + five formation, drop one coach to do as you suggested in your post, ie TGS + TS + TRSB + TF.

Note: I've forgotten what the correct designation for the Lima restuarant/buffet coach is so I've used TRSB here but it could easily be a TRUK or TRUB, or classified versions of those - I'll have to check this later.
RE the lighting, I have the DCC fitted versions, and there is a decoder in both the powered and unpowered power cars. I've given them different names and put them in a 'consist' (using the Dynamis controller), though I've read somewhere since that you would get the same result from putting both cars on the track and programming them as the same loco - the directional lighting then responds accordingly.

Hope that helps
Thanks, Paul and SRMan. I think I missed R4282 Mk3 sleeper in Hornby 2008, and from the newly announced 2009 range it looks like R4366, R4367 & R4368 (Mk3 1st open, tourist, & TGS respectively) will match the blue and yellow power cars. What coaches do you run with yours, Paul?
At the moment, I've been running them with Virgin Mk3s, Intercity Swallow Mk3s, and on their own. I did have some of the Mk3s released in 2002/3 (R4158 - 59), but sold them as there was no TGS. Once I'd sold them, the TGS appeared, and now the new power cars...Probably a moral there somewhere.

So I'm going to invest in some of the new batch Hornby are producing this year - I'm sure I read somewhere they are to be 1st quarter releases. I must admit, I tend to go full length even though I don't have the space - basically enough to do PC + TF + TF + TS + TS + TS + TS + TGS. The only thing not announced is buffet cars - TRFB, TRSB or TRUK. Hopefully this will come in as an additional release later in the year if the others sell well. I think SRman's suggestion of TGS + TS + TRSB + TF is good if space is very limited - that way you get a flavour of the whole train.

Hattons still have the last release of the TGS, but this was problematic, as the grey and white stripes are not finished properly - they rounded them off, whereas on HST stock they should wrap around the ends in a 'rectangular' way. Hopefully the 2009 release will correct this error. They also have the Mk 3 blue/grey sleeper, though this would not have been included in an HST rake to my knowledge.

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I e-mailed hornby about the lack of mk3 blue/grey buffet coaches in there future release of mk3's (planned 1st 1/4 release) they were kind enough to respond: "At the moment we have no plans to release the Buffett version, not to say we won't if there is a demand for it.". Start E-mailing folks.
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