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Model monarch statues

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Does anyone know of a source for statues of British monarchs in OO/HO? Seeking Victoria, George V, George VI or Elizabeth II for city scene on a tram layout.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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There are two UK firms worth trying, I think.
Ten Commandments
Langley Models

Both deal in lineside and other accessories; Langley Models have a wide range of 4mm scale British motor car and lorry kits as well to go with the trams.

If you are modelling a tram layout set in the UK, then a statue of Elizabeth II is unlikely to appear - most tramways had shut down by or soon after she came to the throne in 1952, the same year London finally lost its trams. A modern tram system (and there are only a few major UK cities who have these) might have one, perhaps.

Hope this is of help,
John Webb
Not seen statues in the range of cast in stone but another that does town centre style ornaments is harburn hobbies
Thanks, all.

I'm working on a quasi-Canadian (read: Toronto-inspired) freelance layout that will include trams from all over the world. Muddled, I know, but I've collected a diverse range of rolling stock, and it's no use letting it all sit. Since it will ultimately include PCCs and various LRVs, Elizabeth II would actually be a good fit.

That, and I'm a monarchist
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what about the ubiquitous statue of Sir Winston Churchill?

can I also suggest making one's own? Utilising perhaps something like those plastic soldiers mounted on horseback?

One type I discovered were commonplace in towns during and after WW1, was a WW1 tank on a plinth. Apparently they were used as ''money boxes'' to collect public subscriptions to the exchequer?

Great Britain , I believe...according to books, anyway.......was the FIRST country in the world, to use tanks to suppress Glasgow,, just after WW1 ended...possibly early 1920's.

so, another set piece scene for anybody modelling the Caley at grouping?
As it turns out Harburn of Edinburgh stock a First World War monument which would look almost equally at home in Canada or the U.K. (see

So, not exactly what I was after, but perhaps even more suitable. And considering I didn't know this existed 12 hours ago, your responses have been very helpful indeed!

Thank you.
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