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QUOTE And in the mag there is a two page article on installing lights into a Hornby HST operating with DCC.

The Hornby bit is nice a simple with presentation that even I can understand. The small loco and Class 50 articles are a bit technical. Hornby may need to improve on this else they will loose their audience however this section should satisfy DCC incumbants.

I will have to get this as I am intending to do a conversion on one of these at some point. Trouble is we don't get the mags till two months after thay came out in the UK.

So Gary, do you think you might be convinced to try DCC?

You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use.

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QUOTE The Elite Unit supports up to thirteen functions per locomotive if available

This is contrary to the 9 quoted elsewhere in another topic.
I have copied and pasted directly from the Hornby website below.
The relevant section is in red.

QUOTE The Hornby Digital System is based on the XpressNet protocol and therefore other XpressNet devices produced by alternative manufacturers maybe suitable for use with the Hornby "Select" Unit.

The Hornby "Elite" Digital Controller is more than capable of answering the needs of most railway layouts - twin control with press dial function, 17 button alpha numeric keyboard, wide function LCD screen, four amp power, as well as having the capabilities of registering 254 locomotive addresses as well as 255 solenoid powered accessory addresses (including point control), plus a USB portal for linking to a Personal Computer.

The Hornby "Elite" unit is an ideal way for the enthusiast to take their train control to a new and advanced level.

The following are just some of the many features and benefits that the Hornby "Elite" Digital Control has to offer:

Controls up to 10 trains simultaneously, provided the necessary power is available.
The 4 amp power supply included allows for up to nine locomotives (providing power is available) to be running at any one time.
The four amp power supply allows for 3 amps to the track with 1 amp to the accessory outlet.
Incorporates 128 speed steps for smooth control of locomotives.
Can programme locomotives with up to 99 levels of acceleration / deceleration.
The "Elite" Unit supports up to nine functions per locomotive if required.
Able to programme up to 254* locomotives or other items containing a locomotive decoder and 255 points or other items that rely on a solenoid for operation. Eg. Electrically operated signals, electrically operated uncouplers and point motors.
The "Elite" accommodates decoders that incorporate a functioning feed back system.
Supports XpressNet protocol.
A PC interface socket allows for the upload of new firmware and the use of third party applications.
Uncontrolled 15V DC analogue accessory outlet.
An LCD screen supports alpha numeric information input.
External boosters can be supported through the XpressNet port or by direct connection to the booster outputs. A standard RJ12 six-way cable can be used to connect the Select to a booster which has an RJ12 socket).
Up to 8 "Select" units can be connected to the "Elite" for individual control of 9 locomotives providing power is available.
The "Select" can be used as a Walkabout Unit when connected to the Hornby "Elite" Digital Unit.
The "Elite" unit is Railcom® Lenz Syztems enabled. This communication (occupancy detection) method between a locomotive and controller will not function until the necessary software becomes available. This exciting development enables messages to be sent back to a PC via the XpressNet port. Railcom allows communication from the locomotive to the controller. Occupancy detection and the relaying of location information to a controller and from a controller to a PC will require occupancy detection hardware and a change to the specification of XpressNet and Railcom.
Separate Programming Track Outlet
The "Elite" is capable of speed profiling locomotives for "double heading".
* 254 fitted with a decoder plus 1 without (analogue)"

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QUOTE (Mark Thornton @ 19 Sep 2006, 06:23) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Not necessarily. I think a few experienced DCC users have bought Bachmann's EZ command for use on small layouts (planks). Others might consider Hornby's offerings if their children were also likely to be operating a layout --- some of the advanced offerings don't appear very friendly for younger children.
I think the Bachmann and Hornby offerings are primarily intended for children. The looks and large knobs are far more child friendly, whereas the Ecos and Maerklin Central station are more computer like and probably quite intimidating to kids.

Doug raises a good point which I have also noticed. These give away magazines that appear periodically in Model Rail which are sponsored by Hornby or Bachmann aren't much more than a propaganda excercise. I have bought a few copies of model rail for these before and found them to be full of adds and very little content. While I appreciate Garys view that it has to be aimed at a basic level there is basic and theres bloody obvious. These mags tend to be pointless if you want anything other than adds.

Gary, there are definitely more than 1000 Model Rail readers using DCC right now. That would be one in every thirty four modellers from your stats. I honestly believe it has to be higher than that. Maybe one in ten. Why don't we do a poll to find out?
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