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I started using DCC about five years ago with a 00 layout. I have had a short break to build model boats and have returned to the hobby to build an N gauge layout once again using DCC.

In my experience the main hurdle in going over to DCC is that the vast majority of local dealers are not only totaly ignorant of the subject but also they simply do not want to learn about it and given half the chance they will have nothing to do with it. As a result they disseminate completely false stories about the drawbacks of DCC and prevent a lot of people who would otherwise convert from doing so.

I have just put four DCC chipped 00 locos for sale on Ebay as my local dealer would not accept them in part ex against Farrish N gauge stock simply because they have been fitted with DCC chips and he does not know anything about it. I would stress that I have been a customer of this particular shop for the best part of twenty years and have never had any problem in part exing before as the shop invariably get the better of the deal, which I have not minded as it saved me the hassle of selling them myself.

But perhaps it is now time to change my allegiance as I have found that I am able to get ready chipped locos from a shop a couple of hundred miles away for the cost of a telephone call and postage that are probably cheaper than the petrol money to my local shop in the first place.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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