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Model Rail Forum is launching a Model Rail Review Competition

With the support of:

Model Rail Forum is on the lookout for new literary talent. We want to work with writers who can tell the truth about Model Locomotives, rolling stock and accessories with passion, insight, honesty, integrity and a sense of humor.

We want you to write a review: comprised of 750 to 1500 words; text together with photos; and laid out in an interesting, readable and well formatted way.

What a Review should comprise:
  • Requires a production quality Model
  • Model 'used in real life' before testing commences
  • Product photography taken in studio condition/home/layout
  • Some supplementary photos may be used provided by manufacturer
  • Supplementary photos and description of the prototype if possible
  • All work carried out by our reviewer
Review should include:
  • Photographs and description of Model
  • Detailed specifications
  • May include steps and method of fitting DCC decoder to Model
  • If DCC decoder is fitted, include a basic CV programming chart for the Model
  • Competitive Models from other manufacturers on the market and their features
  • Conclusion based on test results and experience with the Model
• The review should be done on a new Model has been recently released. Preferably a Model that has not been reviewed elsewhere. You can review an older Model as long as the review has some sort of interesting 'angle'.

• Please look at some of our previous reviews to give you an idea on layout.

• For the layout, use a HTML table of 600, 638, 680 or 800 pixels wide.

• HTML produced in Microsoft Word is not acceptable as the code is over complex. The HTML should be simply formatted with no style-sheet or wierd and wonderful font styling. The review will use the SlotForum default style-sheet when it is loaded on the site. If you have any special style-sheet requirements, tell us about them in a note.

• Photos should be clear and well proportioned. The photos should fit into the HTML table or you may use thumbnails or smaller versions of the images. Thumbs and full-size photos should be in the same directory so name them accordingly. Full size images should not be larger than 800 pixels wide.

• You should send the completed review to us by email. All files should be in the same directory and preferably zipped up. No spaces or special characters in the filenames. Please send to [email protected]

The winning Reviewer will receive a Hornby R2374 Class 50 50031 'Hood' in BR large logo blue.
This is a Hornby Collector Centre Limited Edition loco, not in the Hornby catalogue supplied by MRE with a retail value of £85.
A limited production of ony 1000 locos was made so it's one to look out for.
The competition closes at the end of May 2006, so put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and get cracking

Model Rail Forum reserves the right to publish entries. Winners could be asked to join the regular Model Rail Forum reviewing team and therafter help with other model and accessory reviews. Reviewers get to see interesting new releases, they often get to keep the model being tested and they get their work published on our World-famous Forum

4,794 Posts
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Well that is open to you. A "review" is generally written about relatively new models. We're not "Previewing" yet to be released models, but as you can ge some older models from swap-meets, speciality stores and eBay, you could try and entice the reader towards an older model. If you are going to write about a 10-year old tender-drive loco, then you have to say something really interesting to get the readers interested and perhaps motivated to go out and find one.
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