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Model Rail Inventory Software

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I got fed up trying to save all my inventory using an ordinary word processing database program. Found and downloaded a dedicated model rail program yesterday. Free to download and doesn't have an expiry date. Might be useful to other forum members.
It's at
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I'll second that. I was going to use the database on works but found it somewhat lacking and in all honsety more like a spreadsheet than a database. This on the other hand looks very good. Now can I remember where I bought everything and how much I paid.....

Err no! Ah well never mind. The less prices I put in the less likely I am to get rumbled by 'er indoors.
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Very good thanks

its very american. bor us euro users we have to into the names of our manufacturers ect....

the pricing bit seems a little long winded. but apart from that it seems like a good little prog.

What is this software for and what does it do? I have read it but it doesnt make any sense to me.

QUOTE What is this software for and what does it do? I have read it but it doesnt make any sense to me.
What loco's do you have, do you have photo's of them on your computer? Say you want a new carriage with a different number than the one you already have. Can you remember the number, or do you have to go and look at it? YardOffice lets you keep all the details including photo's in one handy place. I thought it was so good I bought the full version.
So its a database telling me what I have got, and doesnt do anything other than this?
If they offer a FREE trial version why not give it a whirl if you don't get on with it just uninstall it
Not worth me downloading it yet as I dont have that much, less than 10, a mix of locos and rolling stock, so I more or less know what I have got, I was just curious to what it did that was all, thanks the same for your help.
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