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Model Rail issue 107 August 2007 Hornby Digital

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When you get the new issue of Model Rail - have a good read of Model Rail extra - the two extensive comments one by an official of NMRA ( Didrik Voss ) and Richard Johnson of DCCUK about Hornby digital are well worth the price of the mag . I was surprised to read the critique in Model Rail who to their credit have published it - well done Model Rail and Chris Leigh I salute you for not favouring advertisers..

It would appear that all our comments re: Hornby Digital have been justified.
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Please gents, do not enter into personal attacks.

Also, if something is said once, don't repeat it again and again. Doing so will not make it more relevant.

I do not side with Gary, but he is trying to clear the air in a way. At least this has stimulated some debate and has brought out many issues into the public realm. Gary does not represent Hornby, but he is unfortunately seen as a mouthpiece. I do think that Gary is too eager to believe the word of the Hornby representative over other experts. I believe that much of what I have heard personally from various Hornby representatives is wrong and sometimes contradictory. This has been talked about before.

Hornby had a chance to revolutionise the UK DCC market, they had the Arnold DCC technology, the should have learned from Zero-1, they had seen the problems with Scalextric Digital, and they shouldn't have been driven to a Christmas deadline and price constraints.

I think that a certain amount of damage has been done to the market and as long as there are Select units and Hornby decoders in the market, the damage continues.

Bachmann have now have had a good look at al this mess and are now delaying the release their higher-end UK DCC product so as, in part, not make the same mistakes as Hornby. Lets hope that they get it right.

I challenge Frank Martin to make a statement on the current state of Hornby Digital and what Hornby intends to do about existing non-compliant products for existing customers and what they intend to produce in the future and how they intend to do it.
Perhaps someone with Frank Martin's email address can pass that on to him.
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Gary, I think that you are inviting conflict.

Just because Hornby produces and item that with be played with a few times after Christmas and then put away does not justify making it badly.

We have agreed that there is a DCC standard, The Hornby introductory DCC products did not meet this standard, and that it caused all sorts of problems.

You yourself saw the amount of problems on the Hornby chat site and that must have only been the tip of the iceberg.

When we buy into DCC, we are buying into a technology. The idea of using multiple items from multiple brands is great as long as they work in the way that the standards of DCC promise.
I am closing this topic as a number of people, including myself are of the opinion that the arguments are going nowhere, getting boring and could spark legal problems. At the end of the day, most argument have been presented. You are not going to convince any one reading that you are any better by just repeating yourselves.

Please note:
  • There is no point in rehashing old arguments. The more you say the same thing doesn't drive home the message. If it doesn't get through, present it in a different way.
  • Please don't take another posters post and rip it apart paragraph by paragraph. Doing this does not make interesting reading for other looking on.
  • Personal attacks are not allowed. It is too easy to step over any acceptable boundary here. Please be very careful.
  • If you have a personal gripe with another member, take it off forum and fight it out using email.
  • Please do not re-start this topic until further developments on the subject matter have been made and that arguments have been thought through a little more.
If anyone objects to anything said in this thread for legal reasons, please let me know so I can edit it if required.
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