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Model Rail issue 107 August 2007 Hornby Digital

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When you get the new issue of Model Rail - have a good read of Model Rail extra - the two extensive comments one by an official of NMRA ( Didrik Voss ) and Richard Johnson of DCCUK about Hornby digital are well worth the price of the mag . I was surprised to read the critique in Model Rail who to their credit have published it - well done Model Rail and Chris Leigh I salute you for not favouring advertisers..

It would appear that all our comments re: Hornby Digital have been justified.
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Thanks for that Richard.
Very well put.

I find it disappointing that Hornby have put themselves in this position.
Even more disappointing that they won't come clean and admit they are going to have to re-think their position.
Instead they've instructed their PR man to deflect and "spin" away the criticism. Indeed some of the statements sail very close to the edge of truthfulness.

IMHO, the best way forward for Hornby, is to come clean and declare an intention to resolve these issues.
QUOTE (Gary @ 18 Jul 2007, 08:28) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It is interesting however that Hornby choose to highlight EMC.

Happy modelling
Yes it is interesting Gary; but only in the way that Hornby are desperately trying to deflect criticism from their defective products. It's just a smoke screen and not very good either.

Whatever they say in public, behind closed doors I'll bet there's a lot of concern.
No matter what the proportion of Adult modellers is in relation to the wider toy market, the potential for DCC products being sold into that sector may be the difference between profit and loss. I'm sure the DCC plan took this group into account?

Insinuating that some other brands of DCC are being sold illegally is a very serious charge and may land you in hot water if you're not careful. Claiming that you are only repeating Hornby comments is no defence either!

The simple fact is that other brands and systems work properly; Hornby's don't! Period!

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QUOTE (Dinwiddy @ 21 Jul 2007, 21:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>PS Are Hornby promoting the same system with their International products as I forsee major problems if they are!
In mainland Europe they'll have to sort out the wrinkles with the Elite before it's launched. DCC is well established in markets like Germany, with plenty of recognised and established competitors.
I remain optomistic that software/firmware (whatever) updates will eventual produce a credible system and maybe an international launch will spur that on?

I would have thought launching the Select into those markets would be a disaster for Hornby International as a brand.

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