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QUOTE (Gary @ 15 Jul 2007, 13:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Think of Hi-Fi. There are a very very small percentage who go into a specialist Hi-Fi shop and talk of tweeters and woofers. And there is the rest of the population who go into Currys or Comet simply to buy audio equipment. I suspect the two experts who have offered comment in Model Rail are living on a different planet to the ordinary guy in the street.
Happy modelling

Come on Gary, it really is time to stop allowing your "irrational response mechanism" to automatically kick in when ever there's any Hornby criticism.
Are you really daft enough to believe your Hi-Fi analogy

1) Wake up
2) Read the article
3) Do your homework on the two experts quoted
4) Then make some sensible comment

Then perhaps any criticism you have will be taken seriously!

1 - 1 of 118 Posts
Not open for further replies.