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The poor quality paper was a decision by EMAP not long before they sold out, and from what I've heard, not exactly welcomed with open arms by the editorial team. Now the magazine division of EMAP has a new owner , I suppose there might be a possibility thinking could change. If we are viewing model railway magazines with a bibliophile's eyes, there's no doubt Hornby Magazine runs MRJ a very respectable second as a piece of bookmaking

One magazine has released Hornby's new years announcements prematurely every year for at least the last 4 - and it isn't Model Rail

As far as emulating MRM , there's a problem. Apparently there is very little in the way of specialist modern image/ Diesel and Electric advertisers. There was comment in a recent BRM that it was the failure to attract adverts that killed MRM , and looking at the final edition which had about 8 pages of adverts, I can believe it. In any case traditional magazine publishing wisdom seems to be that you have to cover all (major) bases to get sufficient volume sales

I don't have a subscription to Model Rail but buy on an issue by issue basis. That said in the last couple of years it does seem to be satronger in content than it was in the past and I find myself buying it a lot more often than in years gone past
1 - 1 of 63 Posts
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