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It all depends on what youy want a magazine to give you. I buy Model Rail every now and again though I mostly read a friend's copy. I have bought the Hornby magazine on occasion without being impressed by it and I stopped buying both Railway and Continental Modeller a long time ago. I flick to the Whats New section in W.H.Smith for a quick looksee then replace them on the shelves. All the above are predominantly advertising and review magazines with eye candy layouts which is, for me the only/main attraction they have.

But what I want from a magazine are ideas. Morill under Ian Rice was by far and away the best model railway magazine I've ever read, full of interest, full of ideas, full of inspiration. Long gone, alas.

Until recently I bought Model Trains International. I started reading this waaaay back when it was Scale Trains then Scale Model Trains etc. The photographs were always pitch black and the reviews scanty to the point of non existence but it was full of modelling ideas from how to scratchbuild a wagon to how to put an innovative layout together. It regularly had reviews of such things as the possibilities for British H0 and other esoteria and there was always something in every issue that prompted me to keep it. I have a stack of them upstairs on my bookshelves. Chris Ellis edited it like he cared. Its only in the past year or so that I think it has just been going through the motions so that when my sub ran out I didn't notice I hadn't read it for half a year. I haven't bothered subscribing again.

Since then I have picked and mixed, lookad at all the British, most of the US and some of the foreign language magazines, picked up on my travels. But I wish someone would do a MORILL again.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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