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Over the past month I have tried to renew my subscription to Model Rail, print and digital copies on line without success. I get messages such as declined although there is nothing wrong with my credit card as I have made other purchases with it. Then after attempting again yesterday doing exactly as they suggested in an email, a message was received saying customer number cannot be traced!

Eventually today an email was received saying that print with digital can't be renewed on line! Why and why don't they say so on their web site? I was not going to bother with the digital edition this time as despite several messages to them I have been unable to access the digital edition for the last 6 months. However our local post box contractor has a dispute with the Post Office and to add to the fun we have received no mail for the last 4 months, so I have not received the last 4 editions. So sadly I will not renew at all.

I appreciate this, post box problem aside, is all the fault of the publishers who seem to have so many magazines that one subscriber to Model Rail is insignificant, but if anyone from the editorial staff of Model Rail see this perhaps they will understand if subscribers decline.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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